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The most affordable and effective way for you and your family to get fitness training your way, every day

The first and only ALL IN ONE Monthly Price that Includes Unlimited Studio Quality:

  • Personal Training (FOR YOU because everyone has different needs and expectations)
  • Small Group Training (TOGETHER because scheduled groups create accountability, social interaction, and better results with the increased output of thinking less and doing more)
  • Commercial Cardio Equipment, Free Weights, and Functional Equipment (ON YOUR OWN is always an option but we are always available to assist)
  • Cycling (BECAUSE the world’s best conditioned athletes ride a bike and your inner athlete can do it too)
  • Yoga & Barre (WHY NOT relax and focus your mind while increasing your body’s flexibility, core strength and fitness)
  • Functional Movement Training (FOR YOUR LIFE)


  • Shake / Coffee Bar  (The best option for refuel, recovery, or nutrition on the go)
  • Towel Service (Sweat or Shower)
  • Your Place & Space for Work, Relaxation, & Socializing
  • No Annual Fee’s (You could do without that yearly surprise from most other gyms)
  • No Charge Freeze Option (up to 3 months per calendar year)
  • No Commitment
  • Remainder of First Calendar Month No Dues
  • Available Nutritional and Health Coaching (separate agreements available)


Everyone Needs Training, Support, and Accountability to realize their potential. But before Lift, the cost for most people is unaffordable and/or unsustainable. Those who do invest in traditional personal training or group training generally commit to only 1 type of training, but the BEST RESULTS come from applying multiple types of fitness training with instruction that is fun, entertaining, simple, and educational.

The LIFT model affordably provides everything you need to create lasting motivation and our friendly, supportive, and unintimidating environment is created by people who care enough to hold ourselves accountable for your results.

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